Inaugural lecture: The interface of chemistry and advanced manufacturing


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Date 24.09.2024
Hour 18:0019:00
Speaker Prof. Daryl Yee
Category Inaugural lectures - Honorary Lecture
Event Language English
The ability to precisely design a material over multiple length scales — from molecular composition to macroscale architecture — is key to the development of new materials and devices with enhanced or previously impossible properties. As such, there have been significant interest in developing synthetic and manufacturing strategies that enable the fabrication of materials with precise form and function.

Additive manufacturing is one of the most powerful manufacturing tools today that can fully control the macroscopic shape of a material. However, its utility in materials design is fundamentally limited by the materials that are compatible with it. There is thus incredible opportunity to think about how we can leverage chemical synthesis and materials science to expand the library of materials compatible with additive manufacturing.

In this lecture, I will discuss our approaches to material design for additive manufacturing and highlight some of our works in these directions, from the fabrication of difficult materials to the design of new printers. Together, these demonstrations underscore how the combination of chemistry and advanced manufacturing can enable substantial innovations in materials design, fabrication, and application.

Daryl W. Yee leads the Laboratory for the Chemistry of Materials and Manufacturing (ALCHEMY) in the Institute of Electrical and Micro Engineering at EPFL since March 2023. His team seeks to integrate molecular design, materials science, and advanced manufacturing to engineer advanced functional materials and devices. Born in Singapore, Daryl obtained his B.Eng. in materials science from Imperial College London, his Ph.D. from Caltech, and was a postdoctoral associate at MIT. For his work, Daryl has been named an Advanced Materials Rising Star (2024), one of Matter’s 35 PIs under 35 (2023), a Young National University of Singapore Fellow (2021), and has won the Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research (2020) from ACS. He is broadly interested in understanding how to make weird and difficult materials.


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