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  Wednesday 20 March 2019 08:30 - 18:30 STCC

Engineering Industry Day

By Session1: Engineering for life science and health Bart Deplancke – Laboratory of systems biology and genetics Francesco Petrini– Bertarelli Chair in Translational Neuroengineering Diego Ghezzi – Medtronic chair in neuroengineering Sebastian Maerkl – Lab. of biological network characterization Hatice Altug – Bionanophotonic systems lab. Matteo dal Peraro – Laboratory for biomolecular modeling LBM Session 2: Robotics and Manufacturing Auke Ijspeert – Biorobotics lab. Vivek Subramanian – Subramanian group Yves Bellouard – Galatea lab. Selman Sakar – Microbiorobotic systems lab. Jamie Paik – Reconfigurable robotics lab. Guillermo Villanueva – Advanced nanomechanical systems lab Session 3: Data enabled Engineering Volkan Cevher – Lab. for information and interference systems Jean-Philippe Thiran– Signal processing lab. 5 Denis Gillet – Coordination & Intercation Systems Group REACT Dimitri Van de Ville – Medical image processing lab. Andreas Burg – Telecommunications Circuits Laboratory Session 4: Materials and Processes Fabien Sorin – Lab. of photonic materials and fibre devices John Kolinski– Engineering Mechanics of Soft Interfaces Esther Amstad – Soft materials lab. Pedro Reis – Flexible structures lab. Yves Leterrier – Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites

Innovation is one of the basic missions of EPFL and of primary importance to the School of Engineering (STI). After 2 successful editions with over 150 attending companies, we are organising the 3rd edition if the industry day on Wednesday March 20 2019. It offers different opportunities to companies, research laboratories of EPFL, as well as Master and PhD students.
For companies

  • Get informed about the state of research at EPFL
  • Meet professors, PhD students and master students
  • Initiate collaborations to foster innovation in your company
  • Present your company to students and researchers
For researchers
  • Present your research to companies
  • Invite your past and current industry partners
  • Meet with potential future industry partners and discuss collaboration opportunities
  • Take advantage of organised discussions, informal networking, and information booths
  • Establish a network for the professional integration of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers
For Master and PhD students
  • Find out about research and development in industry
  • Learn about innovation and entrepreneurship at EPFL
  • Meet potential host companies for internships, master theses in industry or future employement
In addition to the plenary presentations from industry and academia, the industry day features a technical exhibition for companies, startups, research laboratories and institutions supporting innovation. The exihinition is paired with the Salon des Technologies STIL on 2 consecutive days.
The program allows for more than four hours of networking time in the exhibition and catering space during breaks, as well as face-to-face meetings between companies and research laboratories.
We hope to that everyone will find a high motivation to come to the Swisstech Convention Center on Wednesday March 20, 2019 and we are looking forward to presenting you an interesting program

Organization Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Life Sciences

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