Legends of Space


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Date 18.03.2022 19.03.2022
Hour 20:0022:00
Speaker Dave Scott, Charlie Duke, Gerry Griffin, Charles F. Bolden Jr, Ellen Ochoa, Kathy Sullivan, Claude Nicollier, Jean-Francois Clervoy, Prof. Mark McCaughrean
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language French, English
LEGENDS OF SPACE on 18th and 19th March 2022 -  live in SwissTech Convention Center

Take an incredible journey through the past, current, and future of human spaceflight and space exploration, as we tell the continuing story of humankind’s greatest adventure.

From Project Gemini to the Apollo program, to present day NASA and global space agencies commitment to landing humans including the first woman, and the next man on the Moon by the mid 2020’s through the ARTEMIS program, establishing sustainable missions by the end of the decade, and to the next giant leap for all humanity – sending humans to Mars.

Legendary figures from the Gemini and Apollo Missions, with prominent figures from Space Shuttle and International Space Station Missions, to current USA and European Space Agency Space Mission Leaders, and global commercial Space Partners.

Featuring live on Stage
  • Gemini VIII and Apollo 9 Astronaut, Apollo 15 Commander and Moonwalker Dave Scott
  • Apollo 16 Astronaut and Moonwalker Charlie Duke
  • Apollo Mission Control Flight Director of all the Apollo Missions Gerry Griffin
  • 12th NASA Administrator and Space Shuttle Commander, The Honorable Charles F. Bolden Jr.
  • former Director of The Johnson Space Center, Space Shuttle Astronaut and the first Hispanic woman in space Ellen Ochoa
  • NASA Astronaut and the first American woman to walk in space Kathy Sullivan
  • Swiss ESA Astronaut Claudie Nicollier
  • French ESA Astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy
  • ESA Senior Advisor for Science and Exploration Professor Mark McCaughrean, with special guests featuring; current United States of America Space Mission Leaders
Featuring singers-songwriters Mark Armstrong and Kali Armstrong, the son and granddaughter of legendary Apollo 11 Astronaut and Commander Neil Armstrong, with an emotional special music performance tribute to the heroes of human spaceflight and exploration.

Hosted by SwissApollo, Lukas Viglietti

For all event and show cast information visit legendsofspacelive.com

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