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Life-changing single molecule events


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Date and time 17.06.2019 14:0015:00  
Place and room
Speaker Professor Johan Paulsson
Category Conferences - Seminars

Many molecules in cells are present in such low numbers that individual chemical events can have great effects. I will present some methods for accurately counting proteins in bacteria, for observing events that only occur once every ten million cell divisions, and for imaging strain libraries or performing genotype-to-phenotype mapping of millions of strains at the level of long-term, single-cell dynamics. I will also show some examples of how key processes and events in cells, from cell fate decisions, plasmid loss or DNA repair, are largely driven by fluctuations in low-abundance proteins.
Johan Paulsson is a Swedish mathematician and systems biologist at Harvard Medical School. He is a leading researcher in systems biology and stochastic processes, specializing in stochasticity in gene networks and plasmid reproduction.

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