Mapping Internet Performance


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Date 13.12.2022 10:0012:00  
Catalina Paz Alvarez Inostroza
Category Conferences - Seminars
EDIC candidacy exam
Exam president: Prof. Bryan Ford
Thesis advisor: Prof. Katerina Argyraki
Co-examiner: Prof. Robert West

As the Internet becomes a critical part of our lives, assessing and monitoring its performance, particularly at the end-users' level, has become essential. However, collecting information on end-user performance at the Internet level is challenging because of its heterogeneity and distributed nature. In this research proposal, we present two works on obtaining performance data: first, BISmark, a system that places custom hardware at the boundary of the home network, and second, CEM, an application that takes measurement one step further, into end systems. We also present a third work highlighting the difficulty in analyzing performance data. Finally, we discuss our research proposal, a new source of Internet performance data.

Background papers
1. BISmark: A Testbed for Deploying Measurements and Applications in Broadband Access Networks, Sundaresan et al., USENIX ATC 2014. 
2. Crowdsourcing service-level network event monitoring, Choffnes et al., SIGCOMM 2010. 
3. Residential links under the weather, Padmanabhan et al., SIGCOMM 2019. 

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EDIC candidacy exam