MEchanics GAthering -MEGA- Seminar: 3D printed ultrasonically actuated soft microactuators


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Date 06.10.2022 16:1517:30  
Speaker Amit Dolev (MICROBS, EPFL)
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
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Acoustics can be harnessed to apply forces and manipulate objects at the microscale. 3D nanoprinting using two-photon polymerization enables the development of a plethora of soft microactuators and machines powered by ultrasound. The various acoustic forces stem from nonlinear phenomena, and their characterization is crucial for the design of efficient and functional devices. The nonlinear phenomena occur simultaneously in intense ultrasonic fields, and by careful design, selected forces dominate. Here, we focus on microscale air bubbles (microbubbles) that are trapped inside microfabricated cavities for the application of anisotropic forces where only parts of the bubbles oscillate. Microbubbles are known to be efficient resonators when excited close to their resonance frequencies, but for acoustics, it may be advantageous to excite them at their natural frequencies where the velocity and not displacement are maximal. Oscillating microbubbles are subjected to primary radiation forces, secondary radiation due to neighboring bubbles, and thrust generated by acoustic streaming. We will demonstrate how to leverage the latter forces to design acoustically controlled soft microactuators and discuss the limitations and difficulties.

Amit joined the MicroBioRobotic Systems Laboratory headed by Prof. Sakar as a postdoctoral associate in January 2020. He received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and Ph.D. in the Dynamics & Mechatronics Laboratory headed by Pro. Bucher at Technion during a direct doctoral track. During his Ph.D. Amit focused on nonlinear dynamics, namely parametric resonators, and standing wave acoustic levitation. Currently, he works on the utilization of acoustics for powering and controlling  microscale technologies.

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