“Mechanisms of longevity: from naked mole rats to whales”


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Date 28.04.2022 12:1513:30  
Speaker Vera Gorbunova
AGORA Paternot Auditorium
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
A Lola and John Grace Distinguished Lecture in Cancer Research

Vera Gorbunova
- Professor of Biology and Medicine at the University of Rochester and co-director of the Rochester Aging Research Center.

Vera Gorbunova is an endowed Professor of Biology and medicine at the University of Rochester and a co-director of the Rochester Aging Research Center. Her research is focused on understanding the mechanisms of longevity and genome stability and on the studies of exceptionally long-lived mammals. Dr. Gorbunova earned her B.Sc. degrees at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia and her Ph.D. at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. Dr. Gorbunova pioneered comparative biology approach to study aging and mechanisms of cancer resistance. She investigates the longest-lived mammalian species such as the naked mole rats, the blind mole rat and the bowhead whale. The work of her group elucidated the mechanisms that control evolution of tumor suppressor mechanisms depending on species body mass and lifespan. Dr. Gorbunova also studies the role of Sirtuin 6 protein in longevity. Recently she demonstrated that LINE1 elements trigger innate immune response that drives age-related sterile inflammation.  She has more than 100 publications including publications in high profile journals such as Nature, Science and Cell. Her work received awards of from the Ellison Medical Foundation, the Glenn Foundation, American Federation for Aging Research, and from the National Institutes of Health. Her work was awarded the Cozzarelli Prize from PNAS, prize for research on aging from ADPS/Alianz, France, Prince Hitachi Prize in Comparative Oncology, Japan, and Davey prize from Wilmot Cancer Center.

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