MechE Colloquium: Acoustic manipulation: from holographic micro-tweezers to quantum analogues


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Date 02.05.2023
Hour 12:0013:00
Speaker Prof. Michael Baudoin, Université de Lille
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Abstract: The ability to pick up and manipulate micro-objects selectively and in 3D with single-beam optical tweezers have led to tremendous developments in physics and microbiology, recognized by the Nobel prizes of S. Chu and A. Ashkin. Nevertheless, optical tweezers have stringent limitations for life science owing to (i) reported phototoxicity inducing detrimental effects on biological tissues, (ii) their inability to operate in vivo in optically opaque media, and (iii) the limited range of forces, which can be applied on biosamples (typically < 20pN). In this regard, acoustical tweezers are a prominent technology since they are non-invasive, biocompatible label-free and enable trapping forces several orders of magnitudes larger than their optical counterparts at same actuation power, hence preventing deleterious heating. Nevertheless, while the ability to collect particles and cells at the nodes or antinodes of standing waves have been reported early on, the design of selective acoustical tweezers able to pick up and manipulate particles individually and in 3D has only been demonstrated recently. In this presentation, we will show how flat, miniaturized, selective, 3D acoustical tweezers can be designed with active holograms of specific wave structures called acoustical vortices. We will demonstrate their capabilities to trap and organize cells individually with efficiency (force over power ratio) two orders of magnitude larger than their optical counterpart. Finally, we will introduce some perspectives on multiple particles assembly, 3D manipulation and ultra-high frequency acoustic tweezers. We will conclude this talk with a refreshing glimpse of how an acoustic source could surf on its own acoustic wave, paving the way toward acoustic quantum analogues.

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[4] A. Riaud, M. Baudoin, O.B. Matar, J. L Thomas and P. Brunet, On the influence of viscosity and caustics on acoustic streaming in sessile droplets: an experimental and a numerical study with a cost-effective method, J. Fluid Mech., 821: 384-420 (2017), highlighted in «Focus on Fluids»
[5] A. Roux, J.P. Martishang and M. Baudoin, Self-radiation force on a moving monopolar source, J. Fluid Mech., 952: A22 (2022)

Biography: Pr. M. Baudoin started his research career at Sorbonne University, where his PhD was dedicated to the linear and nonlinear propagation of acoustic waves in dense suspensions of microparticles. Then he joined the team of Pr. Baroud at LadHyx (Ecole Polytechnique) where he studied the dynamics of liquid plugs in microfluidic networks related to Pulmonary Obstructive Diseases. In 2008 he started to build his own team at Université de Lille on
subjects at the interface between microfluidics, acoustics and microsystems. In particular he developed some selective holographic microtweezers able to manipulate precisely individual cells and microorganisms and studied how the presence of partially wetting particles can drastically modify the interfacial dynamics of fluids, leading e.g. to “everlasting” bubbles. In 2016 he became full Professor at University of Lille and was elected Junior Fellow of Institut
Universitaire de France in 2019. He also co-founded a startup, Cleardrop, on Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)-mediated surface cleaning in 2021.

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MechE Colloquium: Acoustic manipulation: from holographic micro-tweezers to quantum analogues