MechE Seminar: Emerging techniques in design, characterisation and fabrication for sustainable additive manufacturing


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Date 01.02.2023
Hour 15:1516:15
Speaker Dr. Angkur Shaikeea, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Abstract: Additive manufacturing represents one of the most sustainable means of production at various frontiers, from elimination of excess materials to design of complex geometries. While rapid progress has taken place in improving as a manufacturing technology, there are various bottlenecks for its translation from laboratory to industry especially in scalability and high throughput production. Issues like geometric and material imperfections that result in deviation of performance from design prediction, are yet to be addressed. Using micro-stereolithography, architected solids are printed with millions of unit cells to create macro sized specimens and continuum theories for failure are testified. The exercise led to development of innovative non-destructive characterisation techniques, the necessity of in-situ experiments in testing (like Digital Volume Correlation) and a revision of 50 years old theories in elastic fracture mechanics. It also opens up opportunities for a new paradigm in design and fabrication of additive manufacturing where large experimental data can be incorporated (to account for imperfections, etc.) using deep-learning models. We are in an exciting era when the importance of environment is strongly imbibed in materials and mechanical engineering. A range of innovative experiments and new design philosophies can be key to proliferation of sustainable manufacturing.

Biography: Angkur Shaikeea is presently the Ashby Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Engineering where he had previously completed his PhD as the Ramanujan Scholar. His present research focusses on understanding imperfections in additive manufacturing using non-destructive techniques and in-situ experiments with lab-based X-ray CT. His doctoral research involved large scale computations coupled with experiments which resulted in proposing design maps for failure resilient mechanical metamaterials. He has close collaborations with both industry and university, and strongly believes in interdisciplinary collaborative research.

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MechE Seminar: Emerging techniques in design characterisation and fabrication for sustainable additive manufacturing