MechE Seminar: MEMS Resonators – Studying Single Cells and Enabling Cellphones communications


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Date 03.12.2021 12:1513:15  
Speaker Prof. Guillermo Villanueva, Advanced Nano-electromechanical Systems Laboratory (NEMS), EPFL
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
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Resonators are present in our everyday life. Even if we do not realize it, dynamic response of solid structures is so important that it sometimes becomes a decisive element in their design. We work with resonators, similar to swings, pendula or musical instruments, just a “bit” smaller.

Indeed, our work focuses on the development of micro- and nano-electro-mechanical resonators. We want to use them with two applications in mind: single-cell studies and 5G communications. Design, fabrication, and operational challenges are different in both cases. In this colloquium I will try to convey the key points for each challenge, including material development, design and fabrication optimization; and I will show you our latest advances, together with the roadmap that we would like to follow in the next few years.

Guillermo Villanueva is a Tenure Track Assistant Professor at EPFL in Lausanne since 2017. He obtained his Ms. Sc. in Physics in 2002 from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and his Ph.D. in Microelectronic Engineering from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2006 for his work on NEMS/MEMS for biodetection and scanning probes. He then worked as a post-doctoral researcher at EPFL, Caltech and DTU in the fields of nanofabrication, coupled and non-linear phenomena and dissipation in NEMS respectively. In 2013 he joined EPFL as a SNSF Assistant Professor to continue his research in fundamentals of nanomechanical systems for sensing and communications. In 2005 he was awarded the MNE Young Investigator Award for his PhD work, in 2008 he was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship, in 2014 he was awarded the MEE Young Investigator Award and in 2020 he received the Best Teacher of the Section Award for SGM.

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MechE Seminar: MEMS Resonators – Studying Single Cells and Enabling Cellphones communications