MechE Seminar: Reconfigurable Robots for Real Intuitive Interactions


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Date 07.06.2024
Hour 12:0013:00
Speaker Prof. Jamie Paik, Reconfigurable Robotics Lab (RRL), Institute of Mechanical Engineering (IGM), School of Engineering (STI), EPFL
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Abstract: A truly ubiquitous environment is where human-machine interactions are intuitive, reliable, and compatible. This requires an intelligent platform that is versatile and adaptable to evolving tasks and dynamic environments. While there are extensive efforts in addressing this challenge through massive data and learning algorithms, there is yet to be a cohesive solution to improve the actual physical interactions. Recent developments in soft robots with their unconventional material-based solutions and modular robots with a multitude of configurations propose possible avenues to extend the capacities of robotics. This talk will highlight the recent progress in soft-material robots and reconfigurable origami robots that aim at achieving comprehensive solutions toward diverse "softer" human-robot applications.

Biography: Jamie Paik is director and founder of Reconfigurable Robotics Lab (RRL) of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. RRL’s research leverages expertise in design, control, and advanced manufacturing toward reconfigurable robotic platforms that push the physical limits of material and mechanisms. A global leader in self-morphing robots that transform their shapes for diverse tasks and environments, RRL’s robots have applications in medical, automobile, space, haptics, and wearable robots. While her novel technologies are published in multiple premier academic journals such as Soft Robotics Journal, IEEE Transactions in Robotics, Nature, and Science, RRL’s spin-offs are also part of Mercedez’s concept car, Avatar.

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MechE Seminar: Reconfigurable Robots for Real Intuitive Interactions