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Date and time 26.06.2015 10:3011:30  
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Speaker Karu Sankaralingam, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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3D die-stacking of logic+DRAM provides a unique opportunity to revisit  the ideas of in-memory processing and eliminate decades of  ``inefficient glue'' like multi-level cache hierarchies, OOO  processing, deep pipelining, and speculative execution, that we have  built to bridge memory and processing.  Compared to conventional  DRAMs, 3D die-stacked DRAM (embodied by standards like HMC and HBM),  have almost order of magnitude improvements in bandwidth and latency  between logic and memory, and significant power reductions as  well. In this talk I will cover our work on a new architecture called  Memory Processing Units (MPU), which is built on two key ideas. On  the programming model and execution model side, we propose memory  remote-procedure calls to offload entire pieces of computation to a  memory+processing unit. On the hardware side, we argue  energy-efficient small caches, non-speculative, low-frequency,  ultra-short pipeline processing cores integrated closely with memory  provide efficient processing.  Across a wide domain of workloads  spanning SQL database processing, networking, and internet search, we  show the MPU model handily outperforms conventional processors and  emerging low-power ARM servers. Performance improvements range from  1.9X to 2.7X with energy savings ranging from 6.5X to 18X. 

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