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Date 08.05.2018 09:3017:00  
Speaker A wide range of experts in the domain
Speakers: Philippe Renaud, Philippe Flückiger, Jürgen Brugger, Niels Quack, Tobias Kippenberg, Demetri Psaltis, Elison Matioli, of EPFL
Julia Greer of CalTech
Franz Laermer of Robert Bosch GmbH
Jochen Zimmer of Nanoscribe
Category Conferences - Seminars

The Center of MicroNanoTechnology is proud to present the 2018 Annual Review Meeting for MicroNanoFabrication.

The Networking Forum:
- presenting research achievements of the past year
- encouraging interaction among professors, researchers, students, and industry partners
- 19th edition


09h30-10h00          Coffees and croissants, distribution of badges and proceedings
10h00-10h15          Philippe Renaud & Philippe Flückiger (http://cmi.epfl.ch), Introduction 10h15-10h45                               
                               Julia Greer, (California Institute of Technology), Materials by design: 3-dimensional nano-architected meta-materials
10h45-11h15          Franz Laermer, (Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart), BOSCH microfabrication technologies shaping MEMS
11h15-11h45          Break
11h45-12h00          Jürgen Brugger, (https://lmis1.epfl.ch/), Nano-engineering using a heated scanned probe
12h00-12h15          Niels Quack, (https://q-lab.epfl.ch), Carving micro- and nanostructures in single crystal diamond
12h15-12h30          Tobias Kippenberg, (https://k-lab.epfl.ch), Quantum optomechanics and optical frequency combs with microresonators
12h30-14h45          Lunch & Poster session
14h45-15h00          Demetri Psaltis, (https://lo.epfl.ch), Microfluidic devices for electrolysis 15h00-15h15 Elison Matioli, (http://powerlab.epfl.ch), Nanoscale technologies for efficient power conversion
15h15-15h45          Break
15h45-16h00           Philippe Renaud, (http://lmis4.epfl.ch), From the lab to the fab: how simple technologies translate into innovative products
16h00-16h15           Jamie Paik, (https://rrl.epfl.ch), Soft origami robots
16h15-16h20           Jochen Zimmer, (https://www.nanoscribe.de), Materializing ideas by additive microfabrication
16h20-17h00          Cocktails & Poster session

The program can be downloaded here.

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  • CMi - Philippe Fluckiger

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