MTEI Seminar by Dr. Stefanie Haustein, University of Montreal


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Date 27.03.2015 12:0013:30  
Speaker Dr. Stefanie Haustein, University of Montreal
Category Conferences - Seminars
"Scholarly communication and social media: should tweets be used to measure research impact?"

In the last decades, citations have been the basis to indicate the “impact” of scientific papers. The social web has introduced new data sources for metrics which are visible shortly after publication, potentially reflect the interest of a broader audience outside the specialized scientific community and might reflect types of use that do not lead to a citation. Tweets, Facebook posts, Mendeley readers, blog mentions, Slideshare views and forks on Github are examples of so-called “altmetrics”.

These new metrics are already applied by journals such as PLOS and Nature to reflect the attention their papers received on social media. Although it has become apparent that these new metrics reflect different things and do certainly not replace citations, their actual meaning is not yet clear. The presentation will give an overview of the current state of “altmetrics” research and address opportunities and challenges of social media in scholarly communication.