Multi-stable elastic knots with self-contact


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Date 22.08.2022
Hour 10:0012:00
Speaker Michele Vidulis
Category Conferences - Seminars
EDIC candidacy exam
Exam president: Prof. Wenzel Jakob
Thesis advisor: Prof. Mark Pauly
Co-examiner: Prof. John Maddocks

Knots can be studied from a topological, geometric,
or physical perspective. The topological structure of a closed
curve, encoded by its knot type, constrains the set of geometric
configurations the curve can assume in R3. When the curve is
endowed with material thickness, the impermeability of physical
bodies additionally restricts the shape space. We show how this
space is rich of interesting equilibrium states, and we discuss
how we plan to investigate its properties.
In this proposal, we discuss three papers at the background of
our research. We start by introducing a reduced model for the
simulation of discrete elastic rods. We then discuss how contacts
can be accounted for in physics-based simulation. Finally, we
present an elegant theorem that shows how the topology of a
closed curve can influence its geometry.

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EDIC candidacy exam