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My excursions into the world of medicine. A few examples from the lab to the clinic.


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Date and time 12.02.2019 17:15  
Place and room
Speaker Prof. Hubert van den Bergh
Category Inaugural lectures - Honorary Lecture

Résumé / Abstract:

I will describe our contributions to the development of (1) the drug FOSCAN for  photodynamic treatment of head and neck cancer, and cancer of the esophagus and bronchi, (2) the  autofluorescence bronchoscope DAFE for detection of small bronchial cancers, (3) the drug HEXVIX (CYSVIEW in the USA) for the detection and quantitative removal of early stage bladder cancer (about 50'000 patients are being treated/year), and (4) VISUDYNE technology in ophthalmology, the first  effective treatment for  wet Age-related Macular Degeneration and Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy (several million patients have already been treated). To conclude I will discuss our laser-based method to separate isotopes for use in nuclear medicine.

Short Bio:
: BA chemistry Williams College Mass. USA, MSc chemistry Univ. of California USA, PhD physical chemistry Univ. of Cambridge UK, Postdoc physics Max Planck Inst. Göttingen Germany. Moved to EPFL in 1973. 
Teaching: Chemical kinetics in the department of chemistry; Air pollution, Weather and Climate courses in the department of Rural Engineering. Elected one of the two best teachers in my faculty.
Research: Contributions to Chemical Kinetics, Air and Soil Pollution studies, Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition, Laser isotope Separation, and Photomedicine. The Photomedicine research led to several drugs and instruments now used world-wide to detect and treat cancer (about 50’000 patients/year), and to treat wet Age-related Macular Degeneration and PCV (several million patients already treated). 300+ publications, 22 patents.
Administration:  20 years at Swiss National Science Foundation: div. II and div. careers, Head of EPFL’s GR department, Head of EPFL’s professorial promotions committee, Head evaluator of Germany’s Cancer Research Center (DKFZ clinical).

  • Ouverture de la Leçon par le Président EPFL, Prof. Martin Vetterli
  • Brève intervention par le Prof. D. Andrew Barry, Doyen a.i. ENAC
  • Leçon d'honneur du Prof. Hubert van den Bergh
  • Apéro

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