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Date 26.08.2022
Category Call for proposal

The National Centre for Climate Services (NCCS) is launching a call for proposals based on their programme: “Decision Support for Dealing with Climate Change in Switzerland: a cross-sectoral approach” (NCCS-Impacts). The programme, managed by the NCCS Office at MétéoSuisse, focuses on the cross-sectoral compilation of climatic impacts in Switzerland as well as a bundle of climate services for decision-support.

The programme hence contributes to closing the gap identified between basic scientific research and climate mitigation and adaptation measures and pursues the following overarching goals:

  1. Impacts: Systemic overview of climate change impacts on and in Switzerland and the subsequent key challenges for the environment, economy and society.
  2. Decision-Support: Broad availability and use of jointly produced climate services for targeted and sustainable management of the risks and opportunities of climate change.
  3. Support for Authorities: Cross-sectoral support of the federal government and all actors in their future-oriented actions to meet the challenges of climate change.

The programme is implemented over a period from 2022 to 2025 and is divided into 6 projects of which 4 lots are open for tenders under this call for proposals:
  1. Global impacts: Impacts of global climate change on Switzerland
  2. Ecosystem services: Impacts of climate change on ecosystem services in Switzerland
  3. Human health and animal health: Impacts of climate change on health, well-being and performance of humans and animals and on food safety in Switzerland
  4. Costs of climate change: Costs of climate change impacts in Switzerland with and without successful global climate change mitigation

Furthermore, all projects must take into account and elaborate on two common cross-cutting topics:
  1. Extremes, such as heat, heavy precipitation, or flooding
  2. Social Justice, such as distributive justice, impact diversity across social groups particularly on the vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised populations, distribution of costs and benefits, equity-oriented adaptation and mitigation actions to avoid worsening inequities in connection to climate change impacts.

A more detailed description of the lots can be found in the programme description.

Who can apply:
  • Public and private entities in Switzerland, including research institutions
  • Projects will be jointly carried out with internal NCCS partners: Lot 1 = ETH Zurich, Lot 2 = ETH Zurich, Agroscope & WSL, and Lot 3 = Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO)

Funding: CHF 2’900’000.- is available for the 4 lots, with the respective cost ceiling:
  1. Lot 1 - Global impacts: max. CHF 740’000.-
  2. Lot 2 - Ecosystem services: max.  CHF 600’000.-
  3. Lot 3 - Human health and animal health: max. CHF 760’000.-
  4. Lot 4 - Costs of climate change: max. CHF 800’000.-

Applicants to the current call for tenders are asked to provide an offer that addresses all aspects and key questions of the respective lot in full. Partial offers for a lot (e.g. offer for one project module only) are not allowed. If necessary, the indicative budgets per project module may be adjusted. However, the maximum budget per project, and hence the sum of indicative budgets per modules, may not be exceeded in the offer.

Duration: 36 months, from 2023 to 2025

Eligible costs:
  • Personnel costs, including costs of project management.
  • Costs for translation (the products to be developed shall be made available in all official languages of Switzerland as well as in English).
  • All prices must be quoted in Swiss francs (CHF) and exclusive of tax. The price excluding taxes includes insurance, fees, social security charges, etc.
  • Overheads are not eligible

Timeline of the call:
  • Submission deadline: 26 August 2022 (23:59 CET)

Application and submission process:
  • The offer must be structured as follow:
    • Catalogue of requirements, including information on the applicant (Annex 1)
    • Fully completed CA declaration (Annex 2)
    • Completed and signed form to confirm the competitive neutrality of a bid (Annex 3)
    • Completed concept template (Annex 4)
    • Completed reference form and corresponding annexes (Annex 5)
    • Completed specific lot price sheet (Annexes 6.1-6.4)
  • The complete offer must be sent by 26.08.2022 at the latest in 2 copies (1 copy on paper and 1 copy in electronic form on an unencrypted USB stick) to the address below:
Office fédéral des constructions et de la logistique OFCL
Service des appels d’offres
Projet (22145) 311 « NCCS-Impacts »
Fellerstrasse 21
CH-3003 Berne
Email : [email protected]

For more information and application, please have a look at the call webpage, the cahier des charges (call guidelines) and the programme description and the EPFL Toolkit. You will find all documents for this call for proposals in the EPFL Toolkit.

Please contact [email protected] for personalised advice.


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