Negotiate with success - tools and mindset for lasting agreements


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Date and time 06.09.2021 21.09.202109:0017:00  
Speaker Melissa Davies
Event Language English
Category Internal trainings

Do you want to learn specific skills and attitudes to improve your professional relationships?
Do you want to increase your own negotiation capacities, enabling you to be more efficient?
Do you want to build lasting partnerships?

The strength of this approach to negotiation comes from its simplicity and proven efficiency. Highly practical, it helps you see negotiation more as a puzzle than a chess game for better results.
The negotiation process is broken down into specific manageable units, each being a separate technical module with its own tools and techniques. Case studies are based on real situations: participants work in groups and then role-play in simulated negotiations. The group then analyzes its performance and is debriefed by the expert on the outcome, increasing understanding, retention and efficient usage.


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