NeuroNA - Human Cellular Neuroscience Symposium


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Date 21.06.2024
Hour 09:0019:00
Speaker See Program
Auditorium H8, Campus Biotech
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

This one-day symposium offers an exploration of the latest advancements in human stem cell research, focusing on developments in both Geneva and Lausanne. Supported by the NeuroNA Foundation, it will showcase the cutting-edge platforms in both cities, shedding light on the remarkable progress achieved in the field. The event will explore the promising potential of induced pluripotent stem cells and organoids in the field of neuroscience research, and biomarker discovery in psychiatry. The meeting is intended for researchers interested in stem cells, brain development, neuroimmunology and neuropsychiatry and will serve as a forum for scientific exchange and networking within the vibrant Lemanic Area research community. A prize will be awarded to the best poster presentation.

Keynote Speakers
Fides Zenk (EPFL)
Denis Jabaudon (UNIGE)
Renaud Du Pasquier (UNIL and CHUV)
Pierre Marquet (UNIL and CHUV)

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  • Informed public
  • Registration required


  • Pierre J. Magistretti (Professor Emeritus, EPFL, UNIL and UNIGE) & NeuroNA HCNP

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