Online exhibition 'Agriculture and Architecture: Taking the Country's Side'


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Date and time 27.02.2020 16.05.202009:3017:30  
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Since the industrial revolution, agriculture and architecture, which were once closely related, have moved in opposite directions. For over 40 years, environmental movements have been exploring the consequences of this divorce for the resilience of cities and rural areas. Aiming to reconnect the two disciplines, the exhibition highlights the lessons which can be drawn from these schools of thought and action.

Consisting of 42 panels, a big chronological frieze, a compass with 4 scenarios and a cinematic space, the exhibition Agriculture and Architectre: Taking the Country’s Side was shown at the Lisbon Architecture Triennial in 2019, before coming at EPFL. Regarding the current situation related to the coronavirus, the content of this exhibition has been transposed online here:

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