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Date 26.09.2022 18:00  
Speaker Raum404: Lucile Ado, Oscar Buson, Lionel Epiney
Category Miscellaneous
Event Language French

Opening, Monday 26 September 2022, 6 p.m.

Lucile Ado and Oscar Buson, founders of the urban planning and architecture agency Raum404, inaugurate the autumn semester with an opening lecture of the exhibition Ultimate Matter, which they curate with Archizoom: Solène Hoffmann and Cyril Veillon.

After recycling and incineration, the residues of our consumer goods become a material that seems to come from another planet. They form the archipelago of a new geological stratum. Before future civilizations find the sedimentary stratum of the Anthropocene, can this slag from high furnaces inform us about the impact of our lifestyles on the territory?

Through this inaugural lecture, Raum404 will introduce the concept of the Anthropocene, which informs us about the current geological epoch, in which the force of transformation of the environment is exerted by the human species. In a context of dependence and scarcity of fossil fuels and supported by recent projects, Raum404 will open up possibilities for an urbanism and an architecture conscious of the finitude of the world. 


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  • Archizoom


  • Solène Hoffmann, Cyril Veillon


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