Post-Modern? 6th Rencontres de l’EDAR - Interdisciplinary PhD seminar


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Date 03.06.2022
Hour 08:4018:30
Location Online
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The mission of the Rencontres de l’EDAR is to provide a 'snapshot' of current doctoral research and improve intellectual debate within the Doctoral Program in Architecture and Sciences of the City.

The 6th Rencontres de l'EDAR will bring to light the problematic of modernity, its legacies and its overcoming, based on the subjects, methods and scientific results of EDAR's research. How does PhD research at EDAR resonate, directly or indirectly, with the debate on the different status of knowledge according to the notions of modernity, postmodernity, and transition? How does it bear witness to the decline of grand narratives as well as their resurgence?

The seminar will take place on June 3rd, Friday between 8:40-18:30 at AAC 231. It will be also broadcasted on Zoom (Meeting ID: 669 3419 5973).


8:40  Introduction 1
Welcome and Morning Introduction by Elena Cogato Lanza, EDAR Program Director, and Nicola Braghieri (LAPIS EPFL)

9:00  Natural/Sustainable

Giuseppe Galbiati (TSAM EPFL), Architecture in tension: between aesthetics and data (or art and science)
Vasileios Chanis (LAPIS EPFL), From “Eternality” to “Sustainability”: Revisiting the notion of Time in “Non-Pedigreed” Architecture
Marine Villaret (Lab-U EPFL), Vers une convergence du projet territorial de biodiversité et des continuités écologiques

Debate with Javier Contreras (HEAD HES-SO Genève) and Florence Graezer Bideau (CDH EPFL)

10:30  Coffee break

11:00  Model/Language

Sıla Karataş (Lab-U EPFL), Houses take on housing blocks. Marshall Plan’s cooperative housing for ‘free labor'
Shyam Sunder Sirimalla (Lab-U EPFL), Theorizing the Socio-spatial paradigm and its relations with Mobility, Ecology and Digital technologies 
Tanguy Auffret Postel (TEXAS, EPFL), Beyond the modern and postmodern envelope

Debate with Corentin Fivet (SXL EPFL) and Paolo Tombesi (FAR EPFL)

12:30  Lunch

13:30  Introduction 2
Elena Cogato Lanza, (Lab-U EPFL) and Nicola Braghieri (LAPIS EPFL)

13:45  Structure/Fragments

Phi Nguyen (Lab-U EPFL-HEAD), Impromptu Conservation. Inhabiting Huế: dwelling and preserving 
Célia Kupfer (SXL EPFL), Obsolete? The reuse of discarded modern-architecture concrete in new projects 
Anna Karla de Almeida (Lab-U EPFL), One hundred years of Company Town: the case of Dalmine, Italy 

Debate with Sarah Nichols (THEMA EPFL) and Franz Graf (TSAM EPFL)

15:15  Break

15:30  Simulation/Design

Anne-Marlène Ruede (eSpace EPFL), Simulacr(e)ating the Natural World 
Thomas Paturet (LAPIS), Après l’Histoire : simuler le passé
Vitor Pessoa (CEAT EPFL), Postmodern condition of design process(es): on collaborative design
Marie Trossat (LASUR EPFL), Quantity vs. quality: why we need to reconsider the social ambition of the modern movement

Debate with Paolo Tombesi (FAR EPFL) and Alfredo Thiermann (IA EPFL)

17:00  Coffee break

17:15  Lecture
Giovanni Galli (University of Genova), …Post-Modern? 

18:15  Conclusion

For the full program and presentation, please consult the FILE in the right column.

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