Master Projects 2022 / EPFL Architecture


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Date 13.07.2022 28.07.2022
Hour 08:0018:00
Rolex Learning Center
Category Exhibitions
Event Language French, English
Presenting one's master's project in public means positioning oneself as a student within one's school, taking part in the debate, encouraging dialogue as an architect, inhabiting the proposed place, shaping it to allow for exchange, taking over the fluid space. The 2022 exhibition is based on the desire of the class to shape this moment, the culmination of a long journey, space(s) and time combined.

Location                                    Dates
Rolex Learning Center        Jurys: 13 to 21 July 2022
EPFL Architecture                 Expo: 13 to 28 July 2022

In parallel to the exhibition open to the general public, we invite you to come and follow the presentations and discussions of the final projects carried out by the students from 13 to 21 July in the different spaces of the Rolex Learning Center.

Credits Projects: Master of Architecture students (EPFL ENAC SAR). Photographs: Lisa Mazenauer (ECAL student). Student associative activities: L'Atelier Magazine, DRAG lab, MAP22, TNT and UDA (ASAR). Graphic design: Roman Karrer & Sandi Gazić. Exhibition: Dieter Dietz, Marie Page, Corinne Waridel (EPFL Architecture), Antoine Iweins, David Rodriguez Amor, Noémie Zurbriggen (student-x-s). Texts: Laure Kochnitzky Palluel, Nadja Maillard (EPFL Architecture). Event: Valérie Jacot-Descombes (Mediacom). Editing: Augusto Do Cabo, Saiti Faut, Manuel Pagador, Antonio Pereira, Paulo Rentez, Paul Turcanu, Jhon Valle, Jhonatan Verdi (ISS), Alicia Fankhauser, Francois Decurtins, San Yun, Karl Valfells (students)

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