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Date 10.07.2024 27.07.2024
Hour 08:0018:00
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Projets de Master 
Exhibition and reviews

The 2024 Master Projects Exhibition illuminates the collective dynamics that enrich individual creation. While each student faces numerous choices that demand significant autonomy, the Master Project is also shaped by the interactions and mutual influences that develop over years within the studio. Each individual finds their place, guided by affinities, friendships, or chance.

This mapping of relationships is represented in the exhibition by a red thread that runs through the various spaces, revealing the rich diversity of themes and approaches unique to this cohort. Sometimes, a serendipitous juxtaposition emerges between two adjacent projects, while elsewhere, a natural continuity is evident.

As visitors explore the exhibition, they are invited to discover this collective mosaic, which showcases the daily intellectual and creative exchanges, the shared frame of reference, and the importance of collective dynamics and creativity in the development of the projects and future architectural practice.

The final reviews for the 2024 master projects will take place from July 10 to 17 at the Rolex Learning Center. The juries are public and you have the possibility to attend them. EPFL Architecture is also pleased to invite you to visit the exhibition of the students' work until July 27.

Final Reviews Schedule

Final reviews: July, 10 - July, 17 2024
Exhibtion: July, 10 - July, 27 2024

Rolex Learning Center, EPFL Campus

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