Python intermediate: hands-on training


Event details

Date 28.05.2024 30.05.2024
Hour 08:3017:00
Speaker Jean-Philippe Forestier
Category Internal trainings
Event Language English
Training course overview
• Advanced Python constructs: ABC, dataclasses, iterator, properties, decorator, context managers...
• Using Regex for Text Manipulation in Python
• Python Data Serialization with Pickle or Json
• Python Logging Basics
• Introduction to unit testing with Python
• Some Useful Python Modules
• Using Databases with Python
• Reading and Writing Excel Spreadsheets With openpyxl
• Creating GUI in Python using tkinter
• Reading and Writing Data via sockets
• Speeding Up Python with Concurrency, Parallelism, and asyncio
• Creating Web APIs with Python and Flask


Practical information

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  • This event is internal


  • Learning and Development

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