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  Monday 5 June - Thursday 22 June 2017 21:00 - 22:30 Esplanade

Ramadan breakfast

This year's exam session Coincides with the month of Ramdan, so many Muslim students will be fasting during the day while preparing for exams. The GMU (Groupe Musulman Universitaire) have decided to help them by serving the breakfast (IFTAR) on campus so that they profit fully from their time in preparing the exams.

Organization Established in 1996 in Lausanne, the “Groupe Musulman Universitaire” or GMU continues to gather Muslim students during their studies on the campus of EPFL and UNIL.
GMU is an independent group, officially recognized by UNIL.
Our main goal is to gather the Muslims inside the campus, and promote exchange, mutual aid, and cooperation.

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