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  Tuesday 20 March 2018 09:00 - 17:00 University of Lausanne

REGARD Workshop: Preparing your application for a professorship

By Franciska Krings, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Vice-rector in charge of junior faculty development 2011–2016, University of Lausanne

Description and objectives
Applying for a professor position can be a daunting process, and often, the different steps of this process are not well known. This workshop shows how the process works, from the moment the job announcement is formulated to the final decision of who receives the job offer. Moreover, and most importantly, this workshop shows what some of the most essential elements are that will help you increase your chances of success.
This workshop will help you to be well prepared when you apply, by providing (some) answers to the following questions:
  • How does the recruitment process work
  • How does the recruitment commission work and who decides what
  • How to interact with the recruitment commission
  • How to prepare your application package
  • How to prepare for your visit: your presentation, interview, discussions with members of the department/institute/faculty
Various inputs linked to individual and group exercises. We will also reserve some time for individual questions. 
Target audience
Female Postdocs & Professors
Registration & Participation fee
Participation is free for members of partner institutions. Registration is done online and opens 6 weeks before the course begins: 
The REGARD programme is addressed to young female academics of the next generation and for women professors of the universities of French-speaking Switzerland, HES-SO and EPFL. The REGARD programme is organized by the gender equality offices those institutions. 
The objective of the REGARD program is to develop skills and offer concrete tools for career management and supervision. These workshops also create spaces for discussion and exchange of experiences among researchers. They also aim to increase awareness of gender equality issues in academic careers.


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