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  Thursday 22 March 2018 10:15 SV 1717

Regulation of Liver Sex-Dimorphic Gene Expression and Metabolism by Gut Microbiota

By Frédéric Gachon, Ph.D., EPFL


Gut microbiota and the circadian clock are both key regulators of metabolic processes. Although recent evidence points to the impact of the circadian clock on microbiota, gut microbiota effect on diurnal host gene expression remains elusive. A transcriptome analysis of germ-free mice reveals subtle changes in circadian clock gene expression in liver, intestinal, and white adipose tissue. However, a lack of microbiome leads to the loss of liver sex-dimorphism and alters the sex-specific rhythmic expression of genes involved in lipid, amino acid, and pyridine metabolism, as well as xenobiotic detoxification. Consequently, rhythmic sex-dimorphic metabolism is also strongly altered in germ-free mice. Additional evidences suggest that exposure to microbiota-derived metabolites is required for the maturation of the pituitary, in addition to the activation of a subset of signaling pathway in adults. As a consequence, sex-dimorphic growth hormone and sex hormones secretion is altered in germ free mice, leading to the observed loss of liver sex-dimorphism. These results emphasize the mutual interaction of gut microbiota and its host even on unexpected functions.



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