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Date and time 21.01.2021 17:3019:00  
Speaker Présentation: Centre LEARN  Francesco Mondada (multilingue) Ateliers: 

Centre LEARN 
Evgeniia Bonnet (EN) : R2T2 Project

HEP St.Gall et Schwytz 
Dorit Assaf (EN) : How can we bring open-ended maker activities into a regular classroom?

Lucio Negrini et Christian Giang (IT): Sviluppare attività di robotica educativa per la didattica a distanza

HEP Valais
Guillaume Tschupp (FR): Pourquoi enseigner la robotique ?
Projet “Thymio geht in die Berge”

HEP Lucerne
Meier Urs (DE) : Können Umgebungen wie OpenRobertaLab die Arbeit mit Bildungsrobotern HEP Vaud
Morgane Chevalier et Julien Bugmann (FR):  Des robots en classe ? Oui, mais pour quoi faire ?
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The 'Roteco (robotic teacher community) 2021 Online Event – Year of Robotics Education’ will take place on Thursday, 21 January 2021 from17:30 to 19:00 (CET). Welcome! It is in response to an ever-growing interest in educational robotics around the world and in collaboration with specialists from all levels of education, including continuing education. The respective practices of several Swiss universities of teacher education will be showcased as well as an overview of the latest projects and state of the art in educational robotics to the community (universities, schools and industry). This is a free event and aims to bring together members of our community, our partners and members of the public interested in educational robotics. You do not need to be a Roteco member for the event but are welcome to become one at any time!

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  • Sophia Reyes Mury (EPFL) Skweres Melissa (EPFL) Lucio Negrini (SUPSI) Dio Moonnee (ETH)



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