Round table on CRISPR Babies in China


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Date and time 30.11.2018 11:0012:00  
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Speaker Didier Trono, Roger G Clerc, Marie-Valentine Florin, Kenneth Oye
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This week, Chinese scientist He Jainkui announced the birth of the first genetically tailored humans using the gene editing. We are happy to invite to a panel discussion on this specific case and on long-term issues that it raises for science and policy.

  • What was claimed and what was actually done in China ? [Didier Trono]
  • What is the medical significance and ethical propriety?  [Roger G. Clerc]
  • What risk, governance and consent issues are associated? [Marie-Valentine Florin]
  • What are the short and long-term policy implications? [Kenneth Oye]
Short bios of the panelists:
Didier Trono, MD, is a Professor for genetics and virology at EPFL and helps stir the Swiss efforts towards exploiting new technologies in the field of health. Once focused on HIV/AIDS and gene therapy, his research is now exploring how epigenetics is shaping human biology and how its understanding can open new avenues in medicine. 
Roger G Clerc, PhD, is a Professor for molecular biology and epigenetics at the Biozentrum University of Basel and a former Hoffmann la Roche principal scientist in metabolic disease area.
Marie-Valentine Florin is the Executive Director of the EPFL International Risk Governance Center, a multi-stakeholder platform and a convening place at the interface between science and policy.
Kenneth Oye, PhD, is a Professor in social sciences and engineering and Director of the Program on Emerging Technologies at MIT.  He is a research affiliate of the Synthetic Biology Center, the Center for Biomedical Innovation and the Broad Institute Foundry. 

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