Runtime Management for Supervised and Dynamic Parallel Applications in Soft Real-Time Embedded Multicores


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Date and time 22.10.2009 15:00  
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Speaker Dr Assia Djabelkhir
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Abstract: Application parallelization in a real-time MPSoC system is subject to different constraints depending on whether the application is critical or not. While non-critical applications need to run as fast as possible, critical applications requires deterministic behavior as well as good and stable performance. Therefore, on a multicores platform, it is advantageous to dynamically parallelize non-critical applications in order to achieve performance, at the condition that these applications do not spoil the behavior of critical applications running on the platform. In contrary, critical application parallelization must be controlled, as precisely as possible, in order to ensure, as closely as possible, a deterministic behavior and so good performance stability. Our proposal is a parallelization methodology that fit well with soft real-time MPSoC system demands. On the one hand, we propose the supervised parallelization, an optimized and deterministic solution, based on Capsule environment, to parallelize critical applications. On the other hand, we propose to dynamically parallelize non-critical applications using Capsule environment so that to maximize the use of available hardware resources with respect to the critical application parallel version behavior. We demonstrate through different scenarios that, this way, critical applications achieve good and stable performance and that non-critical application maintains its performance. Short CV: Assia Djabelkhir is a postdoc at SoC department of LIP6, Université de Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris). Her research interests span areas of compilers and architecture of embedded and high performance processors. She graduated from Institut National d'Informatique INI-Algiers and IFSIC-Université de Rennes 1 (France) before obtaining her PhD from Université de Rennes 1 on the topic of "Dynamic/Speculative Execution and Embedded processors: case study of Decoupled Architecture" (IRISA/INRIA laboratory). Since 2005, she is assistant professor, and then associate professor at Université de Jijel (Algeria). Her recent research achievements are related to code parallelization for real-time embedded multicores. Assia Djabelkhir's homepage

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