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Date and time 15.09.2019  
Category Call for proposal

The objective of the Swiss Subsaharan Africa Migration (S-SAM) network, based at the University of Neuchâtel and funded by the SERI, is to build and strengthen long-term partnerships between migration researchers in Subsaharan Africa and Switzerland.
S-SAM calls upon late PhD and early postdoctoral researchers in Subsaharan Africa or Switzerland to submit proposals for a short pilot study, an academic exchange or a combination of the two.
Call topic: human migration to Europe before migrants reach their destination. Any disciplines. Innovative and experimental research is encouraged.

  • Migration and health: for novel research on the situation ‘en route’ to Europe, how health affects decisions to migrate (or stay put), how the migration experience itself affects the mental and physical health of migrants, or the migration trajectories of health workers.
  • Reasons and motivations to migrate: for novel research on the role of limited and contradictory information in decisions to migrate, on aspirations and abilities to migrate, on the nature of different ‘pull’ effects and the choice of destination country, or on the role of information in decisions to migrate. Research may focus on questions of preparations, anticipation of problems ‘en route’ and in the country of destination (e.g. discrimination), or on similarities and differences between South-South and South-North migration.
  • Student migration: for novel research on student migration from Subsaharan Africa to Switzerland and Europe, as a specific motivation to migrate.
Who can apply: late PhD (typically last year) and early postdoctoral researchers (typically 1st or 2nd year) based at a university in sub-Saharan Africa or Switzerland.
Duration: no upper or lower limit.
Funding for small pilot studies: CHF 1000-5000.
Funding for academic exchange: CHF 5000-10’000 (indicative – see SNSF guidelines)
  • For travel costs, the maximum is CHF 1200 for Western, Central, and Eastern Africa; and CHF 1500 for Southern Africa.
  • For room and board expenses, calculate CHF 3000 per month.
  • Researchers from lower income countries can budget a maximum of CHF 3500.
  • Research funding incurred during the exchange can be included in the budget.
Deadline: 15 September 2019
Fieldwork in late 2019 or early 2020.
For further information and application, please have a look at the call webpage, including information on past supported projects and the link to the online application form.

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