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Seminar by Prof. Brian Connelly, Auburn University


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Date and time 14.05.2019 12:0013:30  
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Speaker Prof. Brian Connelly, Auburn University
Category Conferences - Seminars
"CEO Dismissal: Consequences for Competitors"

We propose that CEO dismissal can change the strategic decision-making of CEOs at competing firms. We suggest competitor CEOs will experience an increase in job insecurity, which motivates them to refrain from strategic risk taking. We identify a key boundary condition that shapes the influence of CEO dismissal on competitor CEOs’ risk taking and consider the performance implications of this phenomenon. We use a sample of CEO dismissals among S&P 1500 firms to test the hypothesized responses of competitors. We also test the underlying theoretical mechanism using a complementary policy capturing study with top executives. Taken together, these studies advance CEO dismissal research by investigating the spillover effect of CEO dismissal.

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