Special LMNN Seminar - GI biopsies as a source of biomarker for PD, is there still any hope?

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Date and time 26.03.2020 09:0010:00  
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Speaker Pascal Derkinderen, Professor of Neurology, University Hospital of Nantes, France
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The intraneuronal inclusions called Lewy bodies and neurites, which represent the characteristic pathological changes in Parkinson's disease, are found in the enteric neurons in the great majority of parkinsonian patients. This observation led to a substantial amount of research over the last few years in order to develop a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure in living patients based on gastrointestinal biopsies. In this perspective, we discuss current evidence which indicates that the presence of enteric pathology may be exploited to improve our understanding and management of Parkinson’s disease but also and the limitations of such a biopsy-derived approach.

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  • Prof. Hilal Lashuel


  • Marie Rodriguez

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