Sportech 2023


Event details

Date 25.01.2023 27.01.2023
Hour 09:0016:00
Speaker EPFL, Services de promotion de l'éducation (SPE) et de promotion des sciences (SPS)
Category Sciences Activities for Youth
Event Language Italian

The SPE (Education Outreach Department) and the SPS (Science Outreach Departement) will offer at the Sportech event, with over 3000 participants, two didactic and recreational workshops for middle and high school classes at the Sportech event. They will illustrate how sports is intrinsically linked to science and technology: one workshop will showcase the SP80 windpowered sailboat project aiming to beat the speed world record by optimizing the science and technology behind. The other workshop will focus on experiments and demos to explore the effects physical training has on the brain.

Organised in Ticino, the Sportech days allow young students, teachers, sportsmen and women, trainers and the curious to discover innovative science and technology related to the world of sport.

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