Stabilization of control systems: from the clepsydra to river regulation


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Date 02.06.2022 17:1518:15  
Speaker Prof. Jean-Michel Coron
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language French

A control system is a dynamic system that can be acted upon using controls. For these systems, a fundamental problem is the question of stabilization: is it possible to stabilize a given unstable equilibrium using appropriate feedback laws? (Think of the classical experiment of a broomstick on the fingertip.) On this problem, we present some old devices and pioneering works (Ctesibius, Watt, Maxwell, Lyapunov...), more recent results, and an application to the regulation of the rivers La Sambre and La Meuse. The focus is on the positive or negative effects of non-linearities.

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  • Prof. Clément Hongler    


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