STIL (Salon des Technologies et de l'Innovation de Lausanne)


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Date and time 26.03.2020  
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Category Miscellaneous

STIL is an event organised by students from EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). Its main purpose is to display the different technologies developed by the companies and laboratories present at our event in a pleasing, interesting and entertaining way. The event will expose the innovations and technological breakthrough of all.

Our event is a place of dialogue, exchange and discussion centered around themes like innovation and technology, but also entrepreneurship. STIL is opened to all and it gathers engineers, technology-enthusiasts  and simply curious people to create a unique atmosphere. The exceptional site allows people coming from all around Switzerland and its surroundings to discover the technological findings of the years to come. 

The 7th edition of the event will take place on march 26th 2020 at the SwissTech Convention Center, located on the EPFL campus. Free for all. 

Spread across a surface of nearly 3300 m2, the event is made of numerous interactive stands held by companies, entrepreneurs, professors and doctors, whose goal is to put forward the products and technologies of their respective domains of expertise. 

Moreover, prestigious conferences will be held by speakers coming from renowned industry, entrepreneurship and research branches. 

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