Superonda talk - Arno Lederer


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Date 02.12.2019
Hour 18:3020:00
Category Conferences - Seminars
Lederer Ragnarsdottir Oei, Germany

SUPERONDA is a new lecture series hosted by ARCHIZOOM. Each semester, one laboratory of the Institute of Architecture and the City (IA) will be given free rein to curate SUPERONDA. The lectures will tackle a topic relevant to their research, offering an opportunity to hear the best experts in the field. SUPERONDA is an event-based exchange platform where academic community, design enthusiasts and professionals will enrich together their field of knowledge. The first series will be curated by EAST Lab under the name NEW AESTHETICS.

NEW AESTHETICS is a SUPERONDA lecture series that will explore practices and architecture projects engaged on the multiple dimensions of reuse - either reuse of material, typology, content, or even reuse of knowledge. As a design strategy, reuse defies the established order of a building's life and aims to shift the current paradigm. For this series, different generations of architects will present projects that, dealing with reuse, generate new situations and blur the limits of materials, elements and eventually architecture. Although it's not a new subject, reuse has passed form an action to a concrete design methodology that triggers its own specificities, works on a different mind-set and ultimately generates new aesthetics. To reuse is to reenact. 


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