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Date and time 20.04.2021 18:3020:00  
Speaker Marvin Trachtenberg, Luc Baboulet & Sébastien Marot
Category Conferences - Seminars
Architecture & Environnement

Building-In-Time : From Giotto to Alberti and Modern Oblivion
Marvin Trachtenberg, in conversation with Luc Baboulet and Sébastien Marot

In his latest book, art historian Marvin Trachtenberg sets out to recover the characteristics of a way of building that, for centuries, dominated the creation of monumental architecture. In pre-modern Europe, the architect built not only with imagination, bricks, and mortar, but also with time, according to methods that mobilized a sophisticated set of norms and practices that the author calls “Building-in-Time,” and whose careful study sheds a new light on the major works of the early Italian Renaissance. Today, not only has this practice disappeared, but the very awareness of its existence is consigned to oblivion. Indeed, even as ‘Building-in-Time’ was flourishing, the fifteenth-century Italian architect Leon Battista Alberti proposed a new temporal regime whereby time would ideally be excluded from the making of architecture (‘Building-outside-Time’). Planning and building, which had formed one fluid, imbricated process, were to be sharply divided, and change excluded. By telling this story, by distinguishing these two regimes of temporality and, more radically, by reintroducing the time factor into the heart of practices and theories, Marvin Trachtenberg allows us to apprehend in a new way not only the Italian Renaissance and the origins of our modernity but also, potentially, the present and the future of architecture: temporality is not a neutral or secondary factor in the culture of modern architecture, but an epistemic condition that silently affects all production and experience of the built environment.

Archizoom supports this semester the reflections developed in the History and Theory of the Environment course given in Bachelor 1 at the EPFL by Sébastien Marot. A course that invites us to understand to what extent environmental concerns today lead us to rethink the meaning and principles of architecture and other project based disciplines. This series of lectures aims to explore how architects and urban planners can understand environmental concerns today, and how they can stimulate our imagination and our responsibilities.

Programme produced in collaboration with Sebastien Marot and Raphael Bach.

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