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Date 08.07.2022  
Category Call for proposal

Since 2000, the Swiss Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication (FSM), based at ETHZ, has been promoting scientific research into technologies that generate and use electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Examples of these technologies are electric power supply installations and equipment as well as radio-based services such as mobile telecommunications. EMF is also engaged in the publication and communication of the results of its research. It is also a competent point of contact for questions about EMF for individuals and institutions in business, politics and society at large.

In 2022, the FSM will award a total amount of CHF 3250'000 for one or two innovative research projects on questions about the opportunities and risks of future communication technologies.

Who can apply: any applicant employed at public and private research institutions in Switzerland and abroad. Have a look at past supported projects.

Funding: max. CHF 325’000 (average funding volume of a project is CHF 100’000 – 200’000)

  • Eligible costs: personnel and special expenses for fieldwork (equipment, consumable material, expenses, etc.).
  • Does NOT cover standard equipment (office equipment, laboratory apparatus), conference trips and overheads.

Duration: no upper or lower limit.

Deadline pre-proposals: 8 July 2022
Deadline full proposals: November (upon invitation)
  • An external body, the Scientific Committee, decides on the research funding awards. The FSM's funds are awarded completely independently of the foundation's sponsors, based solely on scientific criteria. Neither sponsors nor supporters of the FSM are represented on the Scientific Committee or have any insight into its work, nor can they challenge the decisions
  • Since its inception in 2000, FSM has reviewed more than 200 applications. 50 projects worth more than CHF 5 million have been funded to date.

For further information, please have a look at the call webpage, funding procedure, pre-proposal template, full-proposal template and past supported projects.

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