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Date 27.03.2023
Hour 12:0019:00
Speaker James Binning, Tiago P. Borges, Kevin Carmody, Anja Fröhlich, Carola Hein, Alfredo Thiermann.
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
        Conference schedule
         Tackle the type: FILLING STATION
        ... ON PRACTICE
12:00 James Binning, ASSEMBLE STUDIO
12:45 Kevin Carmody, CARMODY GROARKE

        ... ON HISTORY
13:45 Anja Fröhlich, EAST EPFL  - online
14:30 Carola Hein, TU DELFT - online

       ... ON TYPES
16:15 Alfredo Thiermann, HITAM EPFL - online
17:00 Tiago P. Borges, EAST EPFL

        Tackle the type: FILLING STATION
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The conference discusses the development and significance of filling stations as a building type, which emerged with the rise of the automobile industry. Filling stations serve as a transitory point and can unify multiple spaces within a single location. "Tackle the Type" questions the future of filling stations as the transportation industry evolves and highlights the connections between filling stations and society, the environment, and architectural and industrial building history. It also raises questions about the cultural and environmental impact of the fossil fuel industry and the role of filling stations as an interface for our globalized market. In order to understand this specific type, the conference facilitates the understanding of its history and design elements and helps determine which elements are worth preserving for future building types.

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  • EAST - Laboratory of Elementary Architecture and Studies of Types  


  • Lara Monti, Clemens Waldhart  

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