The coding of surprise in the auditory system


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Date 08.11.2012
Hour 13:3014:30
Speaker Prof. Israel NELKEN, Department of Neurobiology, Hebrew University
Category Conferences - Seminars
The responses of neurons in the auditory system to sounds depend not only on the sound itself but also on the temporal context in which the sound occurred. I will discuss here one manifestation of this context-sensitivity, Stimulus-specific adaptation (SSA). SSA is the reduction in the responses to a common sound which does not generalize, or generalizes only partially, to other, even rather similar sounds. I will show that SSA reflects information accumulation over tens of stimulus presentations and tens of seconds, and that it is sensitive to subtle features of the stimulus sequence. While SSA in subcortical stations may be accounted for by simple adaptation followed by frequency integration, cortical SSA cannot be accounted by such mechanisms, and may reflect a true sensitivity to statistical surprise.


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