The Croation Centre for Earthquake Engineering - from oblivion to essential need


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Date 10.12.2021 12:1512:45  
Speaker Prof. Josip Atalić, Associate Professor, University of Zagreb, Croatia
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The Republic of Croatia is among the most earthquake-prone countries in Europe, yet the activities related to assessment of potential earthquake risk and its reduction can be characterized as individual and insufficient. The last paragraph of a paper published just before the earthquake in Zagreb gives perhaps the best pre-earthquake perspective (oblivion phase):
‘’It can be concluded that the present level of awareness about our own exposure and vulnerability to earthquakes in Croatia is not sufficiently developed to serve as a basis for compelling efforts to foster institutionalized seismic risk assessment, mitigation and preparedness activities. In fact, it seems that the relatively low probability of occurrence of strong earthquakes, when compared to natural and other disaster hazards, contributes to a pervasive ignorance of the fact that earthquakes constitute an unacceptable risk (officially). It is therefore essential to act without delay as, unlike some other countries, we still have time to react before another potentially disastrous earthquake strikes in Croatia.’’

Short Bio :
Josip Atalić is the Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Mechanics of Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Zagreb. His areas of research are earthquake engineering, historical structures, numerical modelling, seismic risk etc. Josip participated in several research projects, published over 50 scientific papers, he is a peer reviewer for national and international journals and participated in over 150 (led over 50) professional work projects (structural designs). He is the leader of the team of experts for National Risk Assessment in Republic of Croatia - Seismic Risk, risk management capability assessment and national strategy in cooperation with the National Protection and Rescue Directorate (NPRD) and Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning of Republic of Croatia (2014-2021). He participates in Study on Seismic Risk Mitigation in the City of Zagreb in collaboration with the Zagreb City Office of Emergency Management from 2013-2021 (leader in 2016, 2017 and 2020). Josip is a part of Croatian Civil Protection MUSAR team, and he is a member of Thematic Working Group for the Security in National Development Strategy by 2030. After the earthquakes in Croatia in 2020, Josip led the organization of damage assessments and reconstruction cost assessment (for Government and World Bank), he is author of two books/guidelines for reconstruction process and participated in numerous strategic activities on the state level. He is leader and one of the founders of Croatian Centre for Earthquake Engineering.

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