Urban and Environmental Theory Session #1 Hamed Khosravi


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Date 19.10.2022
Hour 18:0019:30
Speaker Hamed Khosravi
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Urban and Environmental Theory Session #1 Hamed Khosravi

Inspired by metropolitan structures, landforms and abstract tectonics, Zoe Zenghelis’ paintings create an unprecedented imaginary; a form of critique that represents reality as an assemblage of selected spatial, political, social and psychological relations. The distinctive colour palettes, abstract planes and jagged forms within Zenghelis’ work locate her quite comfortably within the lineage of modernist painters, who challenge conventional aesthetic rules and incite a search for paranoid-critical rationality. Her work developed within the context of mid-20th century contemporary art in London; where Zenghelis stands out within that group of predominantly white and male painters by virtue of her singularly surrealistic gaze that lends the modernist rationality of her spatial arrangements a melancholic allure. Such unique characteristics are well manifested in her independent career as a painter as well as her work a founding member of OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture). The Ecstasy of the Image will undertake a close reading Zoe Zenghelis’ artistic practice in order to chart the untold history of her collaboration with OMA, as well as her teaching career at the Architectural Association that brought in massive change, not only in the way architectural representation was thought at the school, but also in how it reintroduced painting as a mode of thinking about space, light, colour, and proportion; a fundamental shift in architectural pedagogy.

Hamed Khosravi is an architect, researcher and educator. He studied architecture in Tehran, holds a Postgraduate Master’s degree in Urbanism from TU Delft and IUAV, and gained his PhD from ‘The City as a Project’ programme at the Berlage Institute and TU Delft. He has been teaching in various schools of architecture, and currently teaches at the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) in London. He is the author of Gabriel Guevrekian: The Elusive Modernist (2020), editor and co-author of Tehran- Life Within Walls (2017). He co-edited Aesthetics and Politics of Logistics (2019) and co-curated Tehran (2019). His recent book, Do You Remember How Perfect Everything Was? The Work of Zoe Zenghelis, is published by AA Publications in 2022.

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