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Date and time 30.09.2019  
Category Call for proposal

Velux Stiftung was founded in 1980 by Villum Kann Rasmussen, a Danish engineer. He developed a novel window construction that could be installed in sloping roofs, which he named “VELUX” (“Ve” for ventilation, and “Lux” for light).
The Velux Stiftung supports basic and applied research in the fields of daylight, healthy ageing and ophthalmology which:
·         is relevant beyond the borders of a single discipline,
·         can accelerate research by removing bottlenecks,
·         enables implementation of research and
·         whose results will be promoted and/or implemented inside and outside academia.
Projects outside these fields, but under medicine and biology, may be considered in exceptional cases.
The foundation welcomes international and interdisciplinary collaborations.
Who can apply
·         Both individual researchers and research groups.
·         The main applicant (e.g. professor, group leader) must be a permanent employee of a university or other permanent research entity anywhere in the world.
·         Non-permanent employees are welcome to apply as co-applicants.
Duration: 1-4 years
Funding: approx. CHF 50-100’000 per year covering
·         Research staff costs (personnel costs, teaching replacement).
·         Associated research costs (e.g. consumables, conference, travel, publication).
·         Equipment costs may be included if duly justified.
·         Does NOT cover overheads nor social insurances.
Deadline for institutional support letter: 23 September 2019
·         EPFL applicants are kindly invited to fill out the Institutional Support Letter template available in the EPFL Toolkit, have it signed by the Dean and, if applicable, by the Director of the Institute and the Head of Unit, and send it, together with the proposal, to [email protected] by 23 September 2019 for the institutional signature.
Call Deadline: 30 September 2019
·         Submit the application form, CVs (max.3pp.) and list of publications (up to 10) in a single PDF to [email protected].
For more information, please have a look at the EPFL Toolkit (including a Budget Calculator and the Institutional Support Letter template), the application guidelines, standard agreement and granted projects

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