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  11:00-13:00 smart living lab, in the Blue Hall on the blueFACTORY site in Fribourg

The smart living lunches are oganized by the smart living lab / EPFL Fribourg, a center for research and development for the built environment of the future, founded by the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the School of Engineering and Architecture (HEIA‐FR) and the University of Fribourg (UniFR). These lunches take place every first ... Read more about "smart living lunches"
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  10:15-11:00 BM1130

Abstract: In this talk we review the architecture of large scale high-performance computing interconnects and analyze where optical technologies can play a major role in the future. Today, optical cables are largely used in supercomputers and datacenters, principally for meter-scale communications. Through improved integration of optical transceivers, photonic transmission will also be progressively leveraged for ... Read more about "Integrated optics and optical switching in high-performance computing interconnects"
By Dr. Sébastien Rumley, Columbia University, New York
  11:00-12:00 Zeuzier conference room, EPFL Valais

Gas production in the optic of biomass gasification at atmospheric pressure is well known [1]. Hydrogen in the obtained gaseous mixture can be increase by the water gas shift reaction (WGS), before using it for energy source. The novel utilization of alumina ceramic foams (figure 1) in place of supports for the WGS catalyst leads ... Read more about "Water gas shift catalysts for pure hydrogen production from biomass steam gasification"
By Dr. Charlotte Lang
  12:15-13:15 SV1717

We report evidence that both implicit learning such as sensitization, pavlovian and instrumental conditioning and explicit memory processes play a major role in the development and maintenance of chronic pain. These data confirm the view that learning processes may be more important for the acquisition and maintenance of chronic pain than peripheral nociceptive input. Therapeutic ... Read more about "BMI Seminar // Learning, plasticity and pain: implications for treatment"
By Herta Flor, Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, The Central ...

Cultural events

  Théâtre La Grange de Dorigny - UNIL

du 12 au 21 janvier 2017 ma-je-sa 19h / me-ve 20h30 / di 17h De Jon Fosse Mise en scène Andrea Novicov Par la cie Angledange Jeu : Nathalie Boulin, Roberto Molo, Lara Khattabi Trois personnages. ELLE, la quarantaine, dans le salon de son bel appartement, le soir. Pour le moment elle es seule, mais ... Read more about "Et jamais nous ne serons séparés"


  11:00-18:00 Bâtiment ArtLab

En associant des dispositifs EPFL et des toiles originales, l’exposition Noir, c’est noir? Les Outrenoirs de Pierre Soulages comporte un caractère atypique et expérimental. Une exposition à la croisée de l'art et de la science. Figure majeure de l’art abstrait, Soulages explore les propriétés de la couleur noire. Depuis 1979, il ne vise pas la ... Read more about "Exposition Noir c'est noir? Les Outrenoirs de Pierre Soulages"
  11:00-18:00 Bâtiment ArtLab

Situé dans la partie nord du bâtiment ArtLab, ouvert sur l’Esplanade, le Datasquare est dédié à une exposition de longue durée sur la thématique du big data, ici incarnée par deux grands projets scientifiques de l'EPFL: Blue Brain Project et Venice Time Machine. Ces deux projets, particulièrement complexes, sont mis en valeur dans des présentations ... Read more about "Datasquare - une immersion dans l'univers du big data"
By Blue Brain Project, Venice Time Machine

Academic Calendar

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For 1st year, Bachelor and Master from all sections Read more about "Winter session examinations"

Internal trainings

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  10:30-12:00 BI A2 458

Découvrir et apprendre à utiliser le nouveau registre des signatures. Le premier lundi et le troisième lundi de chaque mois de 10h30 à 12h dans la salle BI A2 458. Read more about "Forum registre des signatures"
By Gestionnaire du registre des signatures
  Hotel Europe, Zinal

The objective of the Winter School is to expose the audience to modern topics on Optimization and Operations Research. Every year, two prominent researchers are invited to provide tutorials on selected topics, and to discuss some of their recent research with the students. Designed for doctoral education, the course is open to academic researchers (professors, ... Read more about "Winter School on Optimization and Operations Research : big data and optimization"
By   Prof. Andrea Lodi, Polytechnique Montréal "On Mixed-Integer Programming and its ...

Call for proposal


The Research-IDEAS initiative of ZEISS and EPFL aims at fostering a research-oriented industry-academia cooperation by addressing the broader research community at EPFL to connect research with advanced development activities at ZEISS. The core of the initiative is to initiate and support research projects in focus areas defined by the scientific commitee (SC) with the prospect ... Read more about "Research-IDEAS call for projects"

The workshop specifically targets very early to early high-technology entrepreneurial ideas from all fields and from all over Switzerland. Over a condensed two-and-a-half-day, the workshop prepares participants for the entry into the existing Swiss start-up promotion ecosystem. Individuals or teams can submit an application form with no admission fees. The workshop is free of charge ... Read more about "Call for application: SwissCompanyMaker workshop 2017"

The Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) offers project grants for pluri-disciplinary research teams. The project grants run for two years and range from 100’000 to 300’000 Swiss Francs. Project proposals by eligible institutions must qualify as: International studies: Projects carry out research on global issues that are either relevant in the international arena or ... Read more about "[SNIS / RESEARCH FUNDING]"



DEADLINE for super-early-bird fees only BEFORE JANUARY 31st LSS 2017 Frontiers in Metabolism - October 24-26, 2017 at the Swiss Tech Convention Center. Super-early-bird registration fees: Students/Post-Docs : 120 CHF; Academics: 220 CHF; Industry : 440 CHF After January 31st: Early-bird fees: Students/Post-Docs : 250 CHF; Academics: 450 CHF; Industry : 700 CHF After June ... Read more about "Life Sciences Symposium 2017 Frontiers in Metabolism: Super-early-bird registration deadline"
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