Conferences - Seminars

  12:15-13:45 PA C 01

Un bref exposé sera présenté en français le lundi 31 août 2015 à 12:15 par Mme Christine Prudent, éducatrice de la petite enfance, Directrice de la nursery garderie Le Polychinelle, consultante en éducation et en analyse transactionnelle, et animatrice des Café contact parents UNIL EPFL depuis 2002. Elle s'exprimera sur le thème suivant : "La ... Read more about "Café contacts parents UNIL EPFL"
  13:30 SV 1717a

Human body microbiomes have major impact on health. Research in microbial ecology and microbe-host interactions has been blooming over the last decade, and we are now entering a new era with novel challenges. A pan-view of microbiomes is needed based on the analysis of large and well-phenotyped and -genotyped study populations, and molecular approaches must ... Read more about "From gut flora to microbiome: in this 'omics' world, culturing is not so bad after all!"
By Thomas Clavel, Research Group Intestinal Microbiome, ZIEL Institute for Food ...
  16:15-17:15 MXF-1

Third NCCR MARVEL Distinguished LectureAbstract: A frontier in theory, modeling and simulation of materials exists at the mesoscale. The challenge is to predict and explain properties and behavior at the macroscale (usually from experiments) using model and simulation at the nano-level. At stake is the determination of the controlling mechanisms and the ability to manipulate ... Read more about "On the Mesoscale Science Frontier in Materials Theory and Simulation"
By Prof. Sidney Yip (MIT, Cambridge, USA)
  17:15-18:15 GC C3 30

The epicentre of the first was about 80 km North-West of the capital Kathmandu, the second (aftershock) was about 86 km East (source EMSC). Right after the 12 May earthquake, the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC sent a team of two engineers to perform a post seismic assessment of some buildings, with the ... Read more about "Post seismic assessment of some buildings in Nepal"
By Dr Pia Hannewald, Résonance Ingénieurs Conseils SA, Carouge, Switzerland


  07:00-23:59 Rolex Learning Center

EPFL and the City of Lausanne will be hosting Virtuale Switzerland, the first Virtual Biennale that is touring Swiss cities from 2014 to 2015. The exhibition presents a unique and original experience using augmented reality. The objects on display are virtual works of art created by international artists, which are superimposed onto everyday spaces and ... Read more about "Virtuale Switzerland - Augmented reality exhibition"
By Arthur Clay, curateur de l'exposition

Thesis defenses

  17:00 BC 410

Thesis director : Prof. M. Pauly Computer and Communication Sciences doctoral program Thesis 6666 Read more about "Realtime Face Tracking and Animation"
  18:00 Campus Biotech - Salle 144 - 167 - 9, Chemin des Mines - 1211 Geneva 20

Thesis directors : Prof. O. Blanke, Prof. R. Meuli Neuroscience doctoral program. Thesis 6715 Read more about "Visuo-vestibular mechanisms of bodily self-consciousness "
By Joachim Jean-Marie FORGET



The Durabilis Award is awarded to projects with an approach that integrates the dimensions of sustainable development, namely: the environment, society and the economy. The competition is open to all UNIL/EPFL students in Bachelor or Master (or licence). All projects carried out under the supervision of a teacher through an academic curriculum can be presented. ... Read more about "Take part in the Durabilis competition ! "


  08:30-17:30 CHUV and Musee Olympique, Lausanne

Dear all, Please note that the registrations for the Fourth LIMNA symposium and Opening of the CHUV’s Obesity Center are open. Registration is free but mandatory. Register via the REGISTRATION LINK below. To open the agenda, just click on the picture on the registration web page. Venues:Tuesday, September 22, 2015: Inauguration of the CHUV'S Obesity ... Read more about "REGISTRATION OPEN - Fourth Limna symposium and Opening of the CHUV’s Obesity Center - SEPT. 22-23, 2015"
By Speakers:

Prof. David Arterburn - Health Research Institute and Department of ...

UNESCO CHAIR CONFERENCE ON TECHNOLOGIES FOR DEVELOPMENT2-4 May 2016 | EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland CALL FOR BREAKOUT SESSIONS AND EVENT PROPOSALSSubmission Deadline: 11 September 2015 Are you interested in the development of innovative technology solutions to advance inclusive social and economic development in the Global South? The 4th International Conference of the UNESCO Chair in Technologies ... Read more about "CALL FOR PROPOSALS | Tech4Dev 2016: From Innovation to Social Impact "