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SUMMER SCHOOL - Fiesch, 21-26 August 2016 True innovation in healthcare diagnostics requires multidisciplinary technical knowledge, an awareness of the real medical needs, and an understanding of the limitations imposed by the actual regulatory and reimbursement systems. By bringing together key opinion leaders from academia, medicine, established corporations and young startups, this summer school aspires ... Read more about "Healthcare diagnostics in 2025: technological, economic and social perspectives"
By Ron Elber, Dmitrii Makarov, Henri Orland


  07:00-23:59 Rolex Learning Center

Artist Rudy Decelière put the murmuring of a river beneath the outside vault of the RLC. 851 mini speakers are linked together by weft yarns broadcasting the sound of water running. As an inverted river, this work suggests unnatural and unique sounds, inspired by a water-like motion spreading in space. After being in residence at ... Read more about "Courants continus - Rudy Decelière"
By Rudy Decelière, artiste
  08:45-17:00 ELA 010

Les réseaux sont partout ! Cachés où on ne les attend pas, ils sont pourtant utilisés pour modéliser les interactions entre galaxies, l’expression de gènes dans les êtres vivants, la propagation d’informations ou encore les relations humaines notamment avec les réseaux sociaux. A la base des dernières avancées techniques dans le domaine de l’intelligence artificielle, ... Read more about "Réseaux singuliers - l'exposition"

Thesis defenses

  16:30 Auditorium CM 5

Thesis directors : Prof. M. Lehning , Dr W. H. Huwald Civil and Environmental Engineering doctoral program. Thesis 7160 Read more about "Stream temperature modeling in mountainous environments"
By Aurélien GALLICE
  17:00 BM 5202

Thesis Director: Prof. K. Beyer Thesis Nr. 7133 Civil and Environmental Engineering doctoral program Read more about "Seismic behaviour and analysis of U-shaped RC walls"
By Raluca Tereza CONSTANTIN
  17:30 Microcity, Auditoire MC A1 272 - Rue de la Maladière 71 - 2000 Neuchâtel

Thesis directors : Prof. S. N. Henein , Dr F. Cosandier Microsystems and Microelectronics doctoral program. Thesis 7005 Read more about "Design, analysis, testing and applications of two-body and three-body kinematic mounts."
By Johannes Richard Cornelis Geerit KRUIS


  RLC D1 740

We are seeking participants for an experiment based on the manipulation of small robots named Cellulo. Your goal will be to solve a series of small puzzles by manipulating the Cellulo robot on paper. The Cellulo robot looks like a wireless computer mouse and our research tries to determine how you manipulate the robot. The ... Read more about "Cellulo Experiment - Participants"

Internal trainings


The International Create Challenge is a free of charge, 3-week (Aug 31 - Sep 21) immersive super accelerator program that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to drive their projects to a Minimum Viable Product. It is a unique program combining state-of-art technologies and cutting edge research, mentors-lead coaching, micro-seed investment and a star prize of more ... Read more about "International Create Challenge (ICC) - Registration Open"
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  10:30-12:00 BI A2 458

Découvrir et apprendre à utiliser le nouveau registre des signatures. Le premier lundi et le troisième lundi de chaque mois de 10h30 à 12h dans la salle BI A2 458. Read more about "Forum registre des signatures"
By Gestionnaire du registre des signatures


  Salle Polyvalente EPFL

The “Symposium Latsis EPFL 2016” on the topic “Multicellular organisms in microfluidic systems” will be held at the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) on the shoreline of the beautiful Lac Léman, Lausanne, Switzerland. (November 14-16, 2016) Studies of living organisms like nematodes and invertebrate embryos in controlled spatio-temporal chemical environments on ... Read more about "REGISTRATION IS OPEN --> Symposium Latsis EPFL 2016 on “Multicellular organisms in microfluidic systems” "
By A worldwide range of experts in the domain
Adela ...
  Olympic Museum Lausanne

Please note that the registrations for the next LIMNA symposium « Muscle Stem cells, Metabolism and Ageing» are now open. This one day symposium will be held at the Olympic Museum of Lausanne. The registration is free for NIHS, Unil, EPFL and CHUV scientists but mandatory. A poster session will be organized. Some abstracts will ... Read more about "REGISTRATION IS OPEN : LIMNA SYMPOSIUM "Muscle STEM cells, metabolism and ageing""
By   Invited speakers:

·      Francesca Amati, Department of Physiology and Institute of ...