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  13:30 SV1717

SEMINAR SERIES : Trends in Physiology and Metabolism (Bio-682) Abstract: One of the fundamental tenants of biology tells us that DNA is transcribed into RNA, which is translated into protein, which affect the levels of the metabolites which carry out cellular actions. Microarrays and nucleotide sequencing technologies have made the measurement of DNA and RNA ... Read more about "Making Use of 'Omics: From Systems Genetics to Cell Biology"
By Evan WILLIAMS ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  16:00 SV 1717

Amalio Telenti directs HLI-X, the unit at Human Longevity that develops advanced analytics in genomics and data sciences. He has recently led the analysis of the first 10,000 deep sequenced human genomes, as well as the definition of the complete map of conservation of the regulatory structures in the human genome (PNAS 2016). His team ... Read more about "The human genome at scale"
By Amalio Telenti, Chief Scientific Officer, Human Longevity Inc., La Jolla ...

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The AIT program aims to support scientists in transforming their high-level applied research into market application and discovering their entrepreneurial potential. By connecting scientists from top institutions in Switzerland and India/Brazil, the program promotes an international network and enables access to one of the most promising markets and intellectual capitals in applied research. If you: ... Read more about "Academia-Industry Training Camps"

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Funding through the current call aims to attract scientists form other fields into metabolism. This call will favor collaborative projects that cross boundaries between metabolism/nutrition and engineering or medicine, or projects that develop or apply a systems approach to the study of nutrition and metabolism. Funding will encourage projects that involve EPFL research groups or ... Read more about "The Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Calls for projects in Metabolism and Nutrition proposals"



EARLY BIRD Registration until SEPTEMBER 1st, 2017! Abstract submission deadline: 15 September 2017 This Life Sciences Symposium will be held from 24 to 26 October 2017 (2.5 days) at the EPFL campus/STCC. The 1st day/October 24th 2017 is open to the public and the entrance is free, however registration is mandatory. French/English translation will be ... Read more about "Frontiers in Metabolism 2017 "From systems physiology to precision medicine": REGISTRATION DEADLINE"
By EPFL and EMBO Press
  08:30-17:30 Swiss Tech Convention Center

REGISTRATION IS FREE BUT MANDATORY. Number of participants is limited. Registration deadline: May 4, 2017 ( PROGRAM (See also enclosed flyer): 08h30 Welcome and distribution of badges 09h00 Opening: Welcome 09h10 Markus Stoffel: “Posttranscriptional regulation of metabolism” 09h45 Roberto Coppari: “Life Without Insulin: Is this possible?” 10h15 Coffee Break 10h35 Michael N. Hall: “mTOR signaling ... Read more about "REGISTRATION IS OPEN: LIMNA SYMPOSIUM: METABOLISM RESEARCH IN SWITZERLAND"
By Dr. Carles Cantó, Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, Switzerland.
Prof ...