Bike to Work 2017 is here! We cordially invite you to participate in this new edition. In May and June, come on campus by bike! Our goal is to beat last year’s record, with 525 participants and a total distance of 131'539 km! In addition to many prizes, participants will get invitations to special events ... Read more about "Bike to work 2017"
  10:00-17:00 CO 194.34

Come by and relax at the No Stress Day on 29 May 2017 in the hall of CO. Free resources, information and workshops are offered all day long! Read more about "Stress? No Stress !"
By Point Santé, DSPS EPFL
  10:00-17:00 Hall du CO

Come by and relax at the No Stress Day on 29 May 2017 in the hall of CO. Free resources, information and workshops are offered all day long! Shiatsu : sessions of 15min/person, from 10h to 17h Guided Meditation : 2 sessions of 30min, at 11h30 and at 13h Laughing Yoga : 2 sessions of ... Read more about "Stress? No Stress !"
By Point Santé, Shiatsu, Guided Meditation, Laughing Yoga, Massages, Dynamic Relaxation ...
  08:30-17:30 Swiss Tech Convention Center

REGISTRATION IS FREE BUT MANDATORY. Number of participants is limited. Registration deadline: May 4, 2017 (http://www.limna.ch/events/481) PROGRAM (See also enclosed flyer): 08h30 Welcome and distribution of badges 09h00 Opening: Welcome 09h10 Markus Stoffel: “Posttranscriptional regulation of metabolism” 09h45 Roberto Coppari: “Life Without Insulin: Is this possible?” 10h15 Coffee Break 10h35 Michael N. Hall: “mTOR signaling ... Read more about "LIMNA SYMPOSIUM: METABOLISM RESEARCH IN SWITZERLAND"
By Dr. Carles Cantó, Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, Switzerland.
Prof ...
  09:00-16:00 EPFL

On June 8th over 80 classes will be on the EPFL site ! Every year, 7th and 8th grade schools are invited to EPFL for a day to discover sciences and technology. Registration is compulsory. Thank you for visiting our website to get more information. And a warm THANK YOU to all professors, researchers, scientific ... Read more about "Classes' Day"

The Exploring Edges summer school will take place from the 11th to the 14th July, 2017, in EPFL. Research in applied, interdisciplinary and emerging areas often push beyond the methodological and epistemological conventions of scientific disciplines. This is especially the case for younger fields such as the digital humanities, critical technical practice, artistic research and ... Read more about "Exploring Edges Summer School: Artistic Research, Architecture, Computer/Natural Science and the Digital Humanities"
By Paulo de Assis; Orpheus Institute, Ghent
Alan Blackwell; Computer Science ...

Apprendre, pratiquer et nouer des contacts Tu as entre 16-20 ans ? L’informatique te passionne ? Cherches-tu une plate-forme pour développer tes connaissances en informatique avec des personnes partageant tes intérêts, te permettant ainsi de nouer des contacts ? La Science appelle les jeunes offre une chance unique à des jeunes motivés de mener leur ... Read more about "Semaine d'étude Fascination informatique pour les 16-20 ans - Date limite d'inscription"

An interdisciplinary and international conference to challenge your way of thinking about Economics, Innovation, Research and Market. The conference will be held from Sept. 04 to Sept.06, 2017 in Geneva at the Brocher Foundation, interdisciplinary center. The conference aims to determine the state of the art in the field of economic theory of innovation and ... Read more about ""The Economics of Innovation 2017: from Basic research to the Market""
By Sir Venki Ramakrishnan, Prof. Maria Leptin, Prof. Dietmar Harhoff, Prof ...