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  14:00-15:00 MA A1 12

The question whether every separable, nuclear C*-algebra satisfies Rosenberg-Schochet's universal coefficient theorem (UCT) is a major open problem in C*-algebra theory. Currently, renewed interest in this so-called UCT problem arises from the recent breakthrough results in the classification program for separable, simple, nuclear C*-algebras, where the UCT plays a rather mysterious role. In this talk, ... Read more about "Cartan subalgebras and the UCT problem"
By Selçuk Barlak
By Prof. Jonas Peters, University of Copenhagen
  14:00-15:00 MA A1 12

I will report on joint works with Julien Bichon, Sven Raum, Matthias Valvekens and Stefaan Vaes, revolving around the computation of L^2-Betti numbers for universal quantum groups. Among our main results is the fact that the first L^2-Betti number of the duals of the free unitary quantum groups equals 1, and that all other L^2-Betti ... Read more about "L^2-Betti numbers of universal quantum groups"
By David Kyed
  08:00-17:00 BI A0 448

Volatility modeling appeared more than thirty years ago with the publication in 1982 of a paper where Rob Engle introduced the ARCH model. Volatility modeling is to this day one of the most active research topics in financial econometrics. Despite the enormous advances that we have seen in the past, new approaches are under progress. ... Read more about "Spring School and Workshop on Volatility Dynamics and Option Prices and Econometrics of Intraday Data"
Peter Christoffersen University of Toronto
Sébastien Laurent ...